Dimpled valves

$390 YZF250 kit Ti

$290 CRF250 kit Ti/steel

$390 KXF250 kit Ti

$425 RMZ250 kit Ti

Available for all makes and models, most popular listed above. We can dimple any valve for $30ea.

These valves typically offer a .7 to 1.5 HP gain is single cylinder engines.

The valve is the restriction in a four stroke, plus the highest velocity point. That’s why these valves work.

They reduce stiction, help with laminar flow, and atomize fuel for a more complete burn.

SX lites championship, LL titles, AUS factory Yamaha uses them as well as CLS Kawasaki with riders like Frossard. Many more that I just can’t talk about!

These valves work!



Performance spring and lightweight retainer kit $250

These springs have been tested with even many of our competitors cams with perfect results.

What really separates these kits is the lightweight retainers, they’re hard coat anodized aluminum. That means they’ll last 4 times longer than the competitors Ti retainers.

These retainers are half the weight of your stockers, and equal to or in some cases lighter than titanium.

Very important for CRF250 and CRF150 owners even on stock bikes.

CRF250 Intake buckets $75 pair

If you have a newer CRF250, you need these bottom line. Even if your bike is stock, and brand new. The stock ones will break.

Fits all years CRF250’s and CRF150’s

High compression flat faced dimpled valves $199ea

The best choice for an all out racing motor. These flat faced dimpled valves combined with the BeCu seats and guides is a perfect combo.

Raising compression with a high domed piston is sometimes detrimental because of flame propagation. The burn doesn’t like to travel around all the nooks and crannies.

Using these valves eliminates this problem.

Ti exhaust is available to replace stock steel on the Honda’s, which lightens up the valvetrain. Some of the faster discriminate riders can feel this difference.