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World’s first variable camshaft for MX/SX Variwerx $899

Now you can have something better than any of the highest profile teams out there!

A motocross bikes powerband is extremely special. We want the top end of a F1 engine and bottom end of a trials bike. That’s simply impossible with the current technology until now.

Dubbed the Variwerx cam, we’re able to give you just that!

The Variwerx automatically adjusts the cams timing via it’s RPM sensing cam sprocket. It’s a bolt on performance product ahead of it’s time!

Williams Motowerx performance cams $425

Just because these cams don’t have our variable technology, they still are the best in the business.

Designed exclusively in house, these profiles offer incredible gains and reliability.

We have many different variations for the popular makes and models. It’s best to call or email to figure out which of our many grinds are best for your application.



Camshaft measuring capabilities

We have the capabilities to measure a cams profile on our specially designed test stand.

Measuring a lobes profile along with acceleration, velocity, and jerk are instrumental in our in house cam design. Knowing the kinematics of a cams shape we offer the best in performance and reliability. Something you just can’t  get in an off the shelf cam.